How Credits Impact Buyers and Sellers

Blog posted On June 22, 2017

Buyers may request seller credits, like property inspection credits, after the contract is signed.  Asking for credits is somewhat common, so sellers should be prepared to avoid unexpected costs.

Almost every real estate contract will include a property inspection to verify there are no issues with plumbing, electrical, pool, or roof.  When damage is discovered or repair is necessary, some buyers will request credits or a reduction in the price of the home to cover repairs. 

To reduce the risk of unexpected repairs, sellers can conduct a private property inspection before listing.  If any needed repairs are uncovered during this inspection, the seller can factor this cost into the price or include an “as is” clause in the contract.  In some heated housing markets, the buyer may choose to go through with the sale.  The seller can also complete any work ahead of time, before the home is listed.

In some cases, especially in a seller’s market, the seller may reject the request for credits.  After significant time investment, most buyers and sellers will still proceed with the transaction, rather than start over. 


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