5 Tips on Selling Your Home in a Shifting Market

Blog posted On September 07, 2022

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The housing market is starting to look a lot different from it did at the beginning of the year. It’s shifting, and homes are no longer getting multiple offers over asking price before the agent can even get the sign in the yard. Are you looking to put your home up for sale soon? Below are five tips on how to sell your home faster in the current market.

  1. Price your home aggressively. With home buyers having more options in the current market, it’s essential to ensure that you don’t overprice your home, or it will likely sit and not gain much traction. You may even think about getting a pre-appraisal done to make sure that you are in a reasonable range.
  2. Offer incentives for potential buyers. When buyers have their choice narrowed down to several properties, they may be more inclined to pick the one where the seller is including incentives. You can offer to help buy down their mortgage payment or contribute to closing costs, or even pay for the inspection.
  3. Stage your home. Build a solid first impression by staging your home. It gives the potential buyers ideas on what they can do with the space, and it helps them picture themselves there when every area is telling its own story.
  4. Offer a broker bonus. Offering a bonus to the buyer’s agent can give them an extra push to show your home more and to sell your home for top dollar. 
  5. Listen to the market. Even after doing all the right things when listing your home, it may sit longer than you want. If you don’t have buyers visit your home frequently, then the current market is rejecting your price. Learn to act fast in these situations. Successful sellers keep their emotions in check and adjust quickly.

Think about your situation and why you currently want to sell your home. Do you need to sell now, or can you wait until the market picks back up? If you decide you want to sell now, let us know and we can share our agent recommendations to put you in the best position for a quick sale!

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